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Jessie Richardson

Actor, Director, Patron of the Arts

The Jessie Richardson Award Society is a non-profit charitable organization that exists to celebrate and promote the outstanding achievements of the Vancouver Professional Theatre community by producing the annual Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards. The society was formed in 1997, and took over the production of the Awards Ceremony from the Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance, who had presented it since its beginning in the 1982-83 season.


#249 3495 Cambie Street Vancouver, BC.

V5Z 4R3

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Jocelyn Pitsch
Acting President
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Seamus Fera
Acting Secretary
Matthew Rhodes
David C Jones
Member at Large
Itai Erdal
Member at Large


Diversity and inclusion means nourishing the values of empathy, reciprocity, compassion and responsibility, all while empowering the voices of those who have been historically silenced.

The Jessies acknowledge the existence of barriers and take active steps to address the changing needs of the community. Diversity sparks possibilities through willingness and the spirit of openness. The Jessies lead by taking risks to create opportunities for its members and the community at large. We invite members to be open, seek clarity and take on responsibility of leadership.

When we empower each other, we connect courage with gratitude; this connection nourishes a truthful voice.

We are committed to fostering a safe and respectful community in which everyone benefits from a sense of belonging wherein our diverse experiences are validated, and from that, grow a resilient community.

In the pursuit of equality and accessibility, our job is to actively listen to, see and acknowledge the marginalized, tear down all barriers, and embody inclusion in everything we do.

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